28 May (Mon)- 2 June (Sat), 2018 @ Cottage Himuka, Miyazaki, Japan



We strongly recommend to book your room through our web site, because the closest hotel is about 6km far from the meeting room. Please pay the accommodation fee at the hotel front when you check-in. The hotel can accept following credit-card; JCB, VISA, DC, UC, diners, AMEX, SAISON, BC. An informal discussion room is available from 21:00 to 24:00 for free, where drink and snacks are available.

Room Types

Shared room :
    5,000 JPY /night/Person (5 nights or less)
    25,880 JPY /Person (6 nights)

Single use :
    16,000 JPY/night/Person (5 nights or less)
    9,780 JPY/night/Person (6 nights or more)

Twin use :
    34,090 JPY /Person (6 nights)

* Room type cannot be changed during the meeting.

* All room types include breakfast.

Conference Fee

The conference fee for early registration is 30,000 JPY for each participant. After 28th February, the conference fee become 35,000 JPY for each participant.

We prepare a reduced rate for students, 15,000 JPY (after early registration, 20,000 JPY) for student. The conference fee includes of lunch(5 times), supper(3 times), banquet and coffee break(5 times).

How to pay the conference fee

For the participant from overseas The conference fee will be paid at the registration of the meeting in Japanese Yen.

For the participant in domestic

Please send the conference fee by bank transfer.

We will make public the bank account at next circular.


Please check below URL whether you need a visa or not. If you need a visa, we will prepare your invitation letter. Please check the visa box in the registration form.


The conference venue is located in Miyazaki, which is a prefrecture in the Kyushu island. The most popular way to Miyazaki is to take a flight. There are some direct international flights from Seoul, Taipei, and Hong Kong as well as domestic flight from major airports such as Haneda (Tokyo), Itami (Osaka), Centrair (Nagoya), and Fukuoka airpots. So, please note that you should arrange your flight ticket from your place to Miyazaki airport.

How to get to the meeting site

Free shuttle bus is operated only on 27th May for arrival and on 1st and 2nd June for departure. The departure time of the free shuttle bus is as following timetable. The meeting place is arrival lobby at Miyazaki airport where is the in front of the information counter (MAP). Before the departure time of the free shuttle bus, the LOC who has a conference poster is at the arrival lobby.

The time appointed for meeting is 10 minutes before the departure time.

1st bus: 11:25
2nd bus: 14:55
3rd bus: 19:40
last bus: 21:00 (This bus is waiting for the last flight from Tokyo.)

For departure 1st June
Cottage –Miyazaki airport
13:00 - 13:20
16:00 - 16:20

2nd June
8:00- 8:20

The public shuttle bus is operated on “Saturday and Sunday”. The cost is 850JPY.
The discount bus ticket (one coin pass, 500JPY) is available and you can get it at the information of the Miyazaki airport.

The time table of the public shuttle bus is as follows.
Miyazaki airport - Cottage
10:00 - 10:21
12:30 - 12:51
14:45 - 15:06
16:50 - 17:05
18:10 - 18:37

From Cottage to airport
09:29 - 09:49
11:44 – 12:04
13:39 – 13:59
15:39 – 15:59
17:19 – 17:41

Discount taxi is also available by booking one through a web site, which is only written in Japanese though. If you book this taxi, please feel free to contact LOC. For more detailed information, please refer the following web page.

Internet connection
The wifi is available for the hotel. Details are announced at the meeting site.

We welcome if you could bring anything (called "omiyage" in Japanese) such as cookies, traditional cake, liquors and so on from each countries. These would be supplied in a coffee break on the meeting or in the discussion time after 21:00.

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